Five Minutes of Fame – January 2020

Five Minutes of Fame with BCFM

Fairly recently BCFM had an Expression of Interest from a group of four girls to ask if they could hold a stall selling milkshakes. They have called themselves the Shake Shack, and although they started off on every very cold market where patrons would probably have preferred hot chocolate they have quickly earnt themselves a reputation for great shakes with flavours from Coal River Farm, milk from Bream Creek Dairy and ice cream from Valhalla …not a lot to complain about with those combinations!

We asked the girls a few questions about how they feel like they are going, why they decided to have a stall and anything they are learning along the way.

The girls are Lucy and Bess who live locally and Millie and Bridget who travel from Sydney as often as they can to be at the Bream creek Farmers Markets!

What made you start hosting a stall and where did the name come from?

Lucy and Bess come from the families that own Bream Creek Dairy milk, just up the road from the Showgrounds. We asked if they would like to help us organise to sell milkshakes and they did! Initially we (Millie and Bridget) needed to repay dad for buying us a shire horse, so we needed to figure out how to earn some money. That has been our goal, and it was going well until we bought another horse with a loan from Dad!

We all love alliteration so Shake Shack had a good vibe!

Have you had any problems and how are you solving them?

On our first stall we had lots of friends helping us, but we had to share the profits, so we decided that we needed less staff! We also realised that our prices were way too low, so if you had a milkshake with us at our first market you scored a bargain! We have now increased our prices for each type of drink we sell and it hasnʼt seemed to stop people buying, so that is good. Sometimes we have sports commitments, or family events and we canʼt all be at the market, so then we try and recruit a friend or two to help and they get a share of the takings.

Do you have any future plans for growing the business?

We are about to add soda waters flavoured with home made flavours to our menu. We hope these will be popular on hot days, and for anyone who doesnʼt

really like milk or is dairy-free. This month we have made up some blackcurrant and blackcurrant leaf cordial from our garden, and we invested some of our earnings in a soda stream. We are also going to be trying out our new milkshake makers which were Christmas presents…they are rechargeable so that might mean eventually we wonʼt need to spend extra money on a powered site at the market.

What is your favourite thing about Bream Creek Farmers Market?

We all love Aaron from Spice Lotus, with his hot chips and vegetarian calamari! It is fun to earn our own money to spend at the market and not rely on our parents for pocket money. We have made great friends with Esther from Honk and all the stallholders are such good fun. We also love Grace (Made at Marion) and her cinnamon scrolls and croissants.


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