July Stallholders – what an awesome bunch!

Tomorrow promises to be an awesome winter day and I can’t think of where I’d rather be than in the foothills of Ragged Tiers looking out over rolling paddocks and bucolic scenery made spectacularly special with our talented local farmers, producers and KIDS, showcasing the best Bream Creek and surrounds have to offer.

Joining us tomorrow are:

Little Bean Coffee, say hi to Jen and Steph joining us for the first time!

Toffeemont Alpacas, also brand new to BCFM… a new pet to pat!

Sheep Poo Boys, our youngest entr poo neurs! with hand packaged SHEEP POO..average age 7 and a bit!

T & D, back with Tom’s award winning curry pastes,

Bream Creek Wines with Fred and Rafe and their amazing and well-deserved accolades for their award winning wines,

Two Dogs Tasty Treats joined by Sandy’s first appearance at BCFM with her tassie granola,

Burnside Olive oil and friendly wines (six friends to be precise!),

Anita and Russell with delicious Tasmanian Kitchen Pantry supplies,

Ninch Cider…look out for Dave and Moira’s fab new labels!

‘Lil Lizzie hosted by Janine with her fabulous selection of treats,

Dunalley P & F with the best bacon and egg rolls you will ever taste!

Leap farm with meat from just up the beautiful hill and some curdie if you are lucky!

Frog Hollow with enticements to get back into the garden with seedlings, natives and knowledge,

Dunalley Co op helping out our fabulous community,

Xiongs, our fabulous local, fresh, healthy vege gardeners,

BCFM Community stall with all sorts of goodies…look out for Sweet Swarm Honey tomorrow as well as all sorts of local surprises,

Spice Lotus, with Aaron’s hot, fresh, delicious menu including ever favourite hot chips!

and finally

Our Community Bakery, with the best croissants, desert pies, decadent pastries and sour dough breads you will ever find…but watch out..they’ll sell out fast!

Great entertainment, great kids activities and a great community…

So….these are just a few of the reasons you should pop in tomorrow…we’d love to see you.

Cheers BCFM team














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