Community Stall

What is the ‘Community Stall’ ?

Some producers may not have enough stock to require an entire stall at each and every market, so we welcome you to make use of the BCFM Community Stall .  You might have a few bags of lemons or some freshly picked veggies – so bring them along!

All you have to do is bag or bunch your produce, clearly label with a price and pop into the Community Stall on the morning of the Market.  You’ll also need to fill in an Inventory of your produce, which you can download below, or fill out on the day (it’s often easier to do this at home as the stall can be busy on the morning of the market).

Spend the morning shopping, socialising, listening to our great live music, relaxing on the beanbags and having a coffee and some lunch, then pop back into the Community Stall to collect your money and any leftover produce. Alternatively we can deposit your takings directly into your bank account.  So easy!

The Community Stall is run by our BCFM volunteers and we are always looking for more pairs of hands, so if you’re interested in helping out, please let us know!  Please email us at if you have any questions.



Inventory for Market Day: Community stall inventory form