It’s time to plant your garlic…


Did you know that April is garlic planting time?

Garlic has a long growing period and now is the time to get those little cloves into the ground so you’ll have a beautiful fragrant crop later in the year.

It’s very easy – choose a nice big bulb of garlic to begin with, seperate the bulb into cloves, and push each clove into your well prepared garden bed – about 2 inches down. Make sure the pointy end of the clove is pointing upwards as this is where this shoot will emerge.  If you need to add fertilizer, pick up some Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF) from Ron Harris at the Seaside Seedlings stall – it’s just the thing to give your garlic a kick along.

The garlic will be ready to harvest in about 6 months time, and there is truly nothing better than pungent, home grown, Tassie garlic.

Dale Westhorpe will be selling bulbs of both soft neck and hard neck garlic at the Market this weekend which would be perfet to pop into the ground over April. So make sure you pick up a bulb or two and start growing your own this year…


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