Winter is here….or is it?

It doesn’t matter anyway…. Bream Creek Farmers Markets are on…rain, hail, glorious sunshine or combinations of all events. Plans are afoot for another great gathering featuring all our gorgeous regular stallholders, entertainment and kids activities…last month it was kids yoga…what will we get up to this time?

Keep an eye out for our ‘soft launch’ of composting, recycling and rubbish reduction efforts. Last month we quietly snuck in some upcycled rubbish repositories (ie bins!) found in the rubbish pile so it has been a good start. We plan on separating as much good from bad waste generated on market day assisted by our stallholders continuing to upgrade packaging to recyclable containers. Our compostable waste and Barista sista coffee grounds are destined for local compost heaps…if yours needs some good organic market day waste…feel free to take some home with you!

Stay tuned for our list of July Stallholders and we hope to see you on the first Sunday in July.

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