Five Minute Focus on our Favourites at BCFM

18951185_722600971245671_6680357265638290770_n (1)We’d like to introduce you to Janine, from ‘lil Lizzie’s kitchen… a loyal, regular and much-loved stalwart of our monthly market. We asked Janine a few questions about how she got started, why she keeps coming back, and why she probably won’t stop!

BCFM : How long have you been attending farmers markets?

Janine: I started markets 10 years ago after being bullied out of my profession and left with PTSD. I have been attending markets regularly for the past few years.

BCFM : How did you get started and were there any hurdles?

Janine : I saw an add in the paper for stallholders and started selling jams and cakes after someone gave me too many apricots. It was a lot of trial and error trying to find out what my customers liked and how much to make. It was all very new to me and I constantly asked myself if it was worth the effort.

BCFM : What things have you learnt along the way?

JanineI have learnt to acknowledge everyone who walks by your stall as you may be the only person who has spoken to them that day. That will be remembered, and that person will return. Listen to your customers and share stories about everything. Count your money when you get home. I used to get really stressed out when I wasn’t making rent or what I expected. Now I get home and most times get a lovely surprise about how well I did. Once you let go of having to make money life becomes easier. Believe in yourself and your product.

BCFM : What is your favourite thing about BCFM?

Janine : I love BCFM because of the camaraderie with the committee and the stallholders, seeing everyone’s great produce and the customers. I have always felt welcome and love the drive and the setting. The music is awesome too.

BCFM : Will you ever stop!

Janine : Maybe when I win lotto but I think I would keep going as I love interacting with people.

It is stallholders like Janine that keep us coming back too…come and join us on Sunday 1st December and say hello to Janine at ‘lil lizzie .. you will be happy you did!


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