Sustainability is Fun and Free with all our Favourites…this Feb @BreamCreek FarmersMarket

So much on offer…you could fill a reusable shopping bag!

This month, with the same familiar backdrop of rolling hills and awesome Tasmanian producers, with musicians to really, really listen to…we are embracing sustainability in as many sustainable ways possible…from making toothpaste, to spinning pots on a wheel, growing, tasting and cooking incredible indigeneous Tassie plants, and making beeswax covers with Plasticwise…we have it covered! Come along to any (or all) of our free workshops and demonstrations, shop with us, cook with us and sit in bean bags drinking coffee with us…Sunday 2nd February 2020, 9am to 1pm!


PLUS…our stallholders,  our patrons and our community are amazingly generous and in the face of such devastation over the recent months with fires affecting so much of mainland Australia, so many have offered to donate. We expect nothing less from this community of ours…so as well as individual stallholders doing very generous things, our community stall will have a big glass vase that we are planning to decorate with $5, $10, $20, ….colours and lots of jangly change!


See you on Sunday!


BCFM sustain2020_1 (1)


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