Our road to re-opening

The committee behind the Bream Creek Farmers Market have continued to meet each month and keep the wheels turning behind the scenes.  Each month has brought new ideas, tasks and projects and this month we will be featuring a bunch of videos and content from a market favourite, Leap Farm and Tongola.

In line with the Tasmanian Governments Roadmap to Recovery, we have decided that we are unable to contemplate re-opening the Bream Creek Farmers Market until Stage 3 is reached.  At this point in time that could mean launching again in August, but we will definitely be keeping you- our patrons and stallholders posted as things unfold.

The main reasons for waiting until Stage 3 is the strict regulations surrounding food to be eaten onsite- markets are not allowed to have food stalls that sell ANY food that may be consumed on the site.  This means a single bite of warm pastry with your takeaway coffee before you leave the showgrounds and WHAM!  We would be in serious trouble.  Not to mention the difficulties and temptations of a socially-intimate conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in a while and managing the common use items and areas at the showground.

We are very much looking forward to seeing all of our stallholders, patrons and community as soon as we possibly can, until then, keep checking in on our Facebook page each ‘market Sunday’ to hear from many of our lovely stallholders.  Check out Rise and Shine Farm on facebook to follow the exciting developments happening there…. did someone say Alpaca Farm Tours?!0EE5EE43-AC0C-4250-AEB6-B609BD37DA77EFD31C58-6762-49C9-B11B-986C1E8CBD85DA277293-055E-4CFA-8C88-7B448614E4A1


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