Five Minutes With…. Kate and Iain Field from Leap Farm


Five Minutes with….

Kate and Iain Field, from Leap Farm

Kate and Iain Field are some of the most popular stallholders at the BCFM, selling their high quality beef and goat meat, prepared goat sausages, curries and spicy shredded beef.  Kate and Iain have also just started milking their herd of dairy goats, and will begin making goat dairy products in 2015.  We can’t wait.  Read on to see how Kate, an emergency medicine specialist, and Iain, a university ecology lecturer, have established their lovely farm at Bream Creek, and what they love about being part of the Bream Creek Farmers Market.



So, tell us a bit about yourselves…

Iain and Kate Field bought Leap Farm, situated opposite the Bream Creek Show Grounds, in July 2012, with plans to develop a dairy goat herd (and make delicious cheese) and also to run cattle for beef. The farm already had about 100 cashmere goats on it, for chemical-free weed management. With the start of the BCFM in December 2012, they realized that they could manage their goat numbers with the sale of goat meat through the market. And so Leap Farm meats was born.

Iain and Kate are new to farming – Iain was a lecturer and researcher in ecology at Macquarie University (Sydney), studying the life and travels of Weddell and Elephant Seals in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic. Kate was working as an Emergency Medicine Specialist in Sydney and rural NSW. Cutting a long story short, they decided to put Iain’s understanding of ecology to practice, and start a goat dairy farm so they could make cheese and other delicious dairy products.

Milking has just started on Leap Farm. Hopefully in 2015 Leap Farm will be selling their goat dairy products at the BCFM.


What are you producing at Leap Farm?

Currently we produce goat meat (shanks, shoulder, backstrap and eye fillet) which is vacuumed packed fresh and then frozen. We also have Goat, herb and mustard sausages (which the human kids love), and we also produce a ready-to-eat goat curry (heavy on the cardamom but low on the chilli).

We have expanded our fresh meat business with the sale of beef cuts and various types of beef sausages, and we have recently developed a ready-to eat shredded spicy beef meal also. Despite its name, the human kids love this as well! Not too spicy…

We also sell sides of beef directly. All our beef is aged for 2-3 weeks and comes fresh (not frozen) and labeled, so our customers can portion up as they’d like.


Which of your products is your favourite?

Iain’s favourite is the goat curry – it just tastes so good! Kate’s favourite is the goat shoulder, as there are so many different and inspired ways to cook it.


What are you favourite products at the Bream Creek Farmers Market?

We love the community stall (Kate has a certain weakness for Grace’s croissants – she buys up and freezes for a couple of Sundays during the month!) and also Gillespie’s Ginger Beer, Sirroco South – who do the best cannoli, POME’s pasties (we generally have a couple of these in the freezer for a quick dinner or lunch), Frog Hollow’s veggie seedlings, and their everlasting daisies which have made a great impact on Kate’s garden. Jono’s octopus – we’re not sure who we love more, the characters behind the BBQ or the octopus! And Beanyard coffee – without them, there wouldn’t be anyone awake to stand and sell our meat!


What is the best thing about living in our part of Tassie?

The people who live in our community are definitely what makes this home for us. Then there is the landscape – Marion Bay, Bream Creek itself, the way the setting sun casts enormous shadows on the paddocks opposite the farm, the tier that the farm is on – it’s all just so magnificent, we can’t imagine ever wanting to live anywhere else.


Can you recommend any of your products for Christmas?

We are able to do some special cuts (if ordered) for Christmas, but we suggest that having a few sausages in the freezer for summer holiday BBQ’s, and maybe some ready-to-eat meals for those evenings when you come home late because you’ve been having so much fun outside you can’t be bothered cooking.


For more information: – our website and blog

Or contact us directly at or on 0427 355 879.


You can also read more about Leap Farm on Living and Loving Hobart’s great website.



Photo credit:  Alice Bennett

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