November at BCFM

We are ramping up for the silly season…with reason, sensible planning and some stallholders to get you in the mood. This month we have an absolutely wonderful turnout of local experts…many are our fabulous regulars, and some are with us for the first time!

We are excited to have Hannelies from Nubeena Flower Farm, with native flower bouquets, joining us,

plus Sarlarlan, with Sarah and her family, offering locally made alternatives to household cleaning products with refill options and all sorts of local honey, flower, coffee and herb infused luxuries.

and Street Nosh is coming back to BCFM as the reincarnation of Pies of Mother England…welcome back Andrew!

Also with us on Sunday are our BCFM stalwarts:

Bream Creek Vineyard with Fred and Rafe

Burnside and Six Friends Wines with Hannah and Tim  

Bream Creek Seafood with Peta

Kung Fu Food Truck with Kevin

Tongola and Leap Farm with Kate and Iain

Frog Hollow Nursery with Dave

Dunalley Tasman Neighbourhood House with Janette

Koonya Garlic with Jesse

Flamecaken with Markus

‘lil Lizzie with Janine

Spice Tasmania with Anita and Russell

Xiongs with all the family

Made@Marion with Grace

Jesse James with Jesse and Jimmy

Two Dogs Tasty Treats with Evan

Phelan Great Granola with Sandy

Get India with Paula

Honk with Kaarina

Long Name Farm with Phil

Ninch Cider with Dave and Moira

Dunalley Primary School with Kat and kids helping

Tasman Honey with Ian and Sandra

Spice Lotus with Aaron

T & D with Tom and Dad


plus our Community stall, overflowing with beautiful local products, Bec from Bream Creek Market Gardens running  potting workshops for kids (big and little!) Ron with his organic garden compost (byo bucket, bag or box!) and Marg painting faces (again for kids big and little!)


…and the goat is just wishful thinking…but if we ask Kate and Iain nicely, perhaps they’ll bring along some kids to make us all fall in 😘😘!

See you on Sunday…come and say Hello to everyone over coffee and your shopping basket!~


cheers BCFM Team





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